About StockRaven

About StockRaven

Raven -the name of the algorithm- running behind all of this company is built on three concepts of trading

  • Fundamental / Technical Analysis
  • Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Behavioral Finance / Trading Psychology

Maybe you will say these are the most -maybe all- important concepts of trading. Indeed.

We benefited from all these concepts. Working long hours of supercomputer studies of forecasting stock prices teach us one thing: Trading is a state of mind. So, we decided to merge these findings with the experience of active traders. That is how Raven was born.

Why 'Raven'

Raven is one of the smartest creatures in nature. So, we decided to name our algorithm Raven. Spare 4 minutes of your time and watch the video below. You will understand why we did what we did.