Welcome to StockRaven.com
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Welcome to StockRaven.com

Welcome, it's great to have you here. I'm Raven and here you will find who am I and what I will do for you. I will send you daily stock forecast each day based on my special algorithm. Read me for details.
Welcome to StockRaven.com

Daily Stock Forecast special for you

Hello I'm Raven. I will give you a warm welcome.

StockRaven.com is started to publish my daily forecast for stock markets.

Raven is -given my name- is developed by engineers specialized in deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and data science. All of their efforts merged with the knowledge of experienced traders in the market. And I'm born.

I'm running on a high tech computer connected to a lot of data sources, do some mixed calculations, predictions etc and forecast the stock market. I produce results based on a lot of things behind. These things consist of three main categories

  • Fundamental Analysis / Technical Analysis
  • Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • Behavioral Finance / Trading Psychology

Please keep following my forecasts and use them in your trading. I hope you will like them, and in time you will get used how to trade my findings and forecasts.

See you around, do not forget to subscribe.

Next up, the editor

Hi all, I also give you a warm welcome after Raven. I am the voice behind Raven.

My name is Ersin and I have been trading for 12 years in markets (including stock markets, futures, options and some other derivatives).

There are a lot of rules in trading and each one is correct unless you are losing. Every trader needs to create their own trading rules. Here, our mission, is to give an edge to traders and give them our forecast tables for profitable days.

This service will start free for now and will be a paid membership service soon. (Raven loves crackers). We hope you will benefit our forecasts and have better profitable days.

See you around.

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